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Egypt Hosts the International Conference on Biotechnology and Environmental Safety
Date Posted: 28/03/2017       Number of Views: 10

The 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Environmental Safety was held at the National Research Center in Egypt on March14-16, 2017. Prof. Khaled Abd El-Ghaffar, the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, graced the event with his presence.

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Water scarcity needs “urgent and massive response” in North Africa and Near East
Date Posted: 23/03/2017       Number of Views: 24

Access to water is a fundamental need for food security, human health and agriculture, and its looming scarcity in the North Africa and Middle East region is a huge challenge requiring an "urgent and massive response," FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva said in Cairo.

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International Women`s Day 2017 events
Date Posted: 09/03/2017       Number of Views: 32

Each year International Women's Day sees thousands of events - global gatherings, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, fun runs, corporate events, concert performances, speaking events, online digital gatherings and more.

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Church Leaders in Nigeria Support Agri-Biotech Research
Date Posted: 23/02/2017       Number of Views: 40

John Cardinal Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria, together with other church leaders have called on agricultural biotechnology experts to undertake research that is focused on the population's agricultural challenges. The leaders met with agri-biotech researchers, regulators, and communicators at Daughters of Divine Love Retreat and Conference Centre (DRACC) Lugbe, Abuja on February 7, 2017.

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Namibia eyes building ties with IRRI to boost its rice production
Date Posted: 24/01/2017       Number of Views: 76

Figure: Commissioner Mutelo (third from right) looks forward to a potential partnership between IRRI and the University of Namibia to train its MS and PhD agriculture students. Also in photo (from right): Consul William Co, consulate of the Republic of Namibia, Rector Mutelo; IRRI’s external relations head Corinta Guerta; IRRI partnerships office head Michelle Weldon; and Heritha Nankole Muyoba.

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Governments to Integrate Biodiversity Conservation Across Agri Sectors
Date Posted: 24/01/2017       Number of Views: 72

Governments from 167 countries have signified that protecting biodiversity across all agricultural sectors is vital to attain sustainable development including food security and addressing climate change. This transpired during the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP13) which was held in Cancun, Mexico in December 2016.

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PH highlights role of biotech in national development
Date Posted: 06/12/2016       Number of Views: 233

The Philippines celebrates the 12th National Biotechnology Week (NBW 2016) from November 21-25, 2016 focusing on the theme, Biotechnology: Partner in National Development.

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FAO-led symposium on agroecology opens in Budapest
Date Posted: 28/11/2016       Number of Views: 72

This week in the Hungarian capital, FAO convenes decision makers, experts, civil society organizations and others for three days of discussions on the concept of “agroecology.” Nearly 200 participants from over 40 countries across Europe and Central Asia will examine current practices in agriculture and food systems, identify opportunities for innovation, and consider how agroecology can be scaled up to help countries achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals.

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Science Education Highlighted in World Life Science Conference
Date Posted: 17/11/2016       Number of Views: 77

The 2016 World Life Science Conference (WLSC2016) with the theme Health, Agriculture, Environment was held on November 1-3, 2016 in Beijing, China. World-renowned life scientists, including 10 Nobel Laureates, four World Food Prize and Wolf Prize in Agriculture winners, Royal Society President V. Ramakrishnan, US NAS President Marcia McNutt, and about 4,000 scientists and engineers from 36 countries attended the conference.

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African Party State Delegates Converge for COP/MOP 8 Preparatory Workshop
Date Posted: 17/11/2016       Number of Views: 69

The NEPAD Agency African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE) in partnership with National Biosafety Focal Points and ISAAA AfriCenter coordinated a workshop for African party states to deliberate on agenda items in the upcoming Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Biosafety Protocol (COP/MOP8).

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