Author(s) : Li JieFeng YueHuaWang XuMa JingBiaoWu YanLiLi XiangLingYe YongHuang YouGangMou GuiTing

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.1 pp.26-30, 35 ref.26


Abstract : SPAD value of rice canopy leaves and yield under different soil fertility and nitrogen application were analyzed, Qyou 6 as material. The results showed that the curve relationship between yield and apparent nitrogen supply was very significant, and there was a higher yield for Qyou 6 when apparent nitrogen supply was 575.27 kg/hm2. The SPAD Value of every growth stage under different soil fertility and nitrogen application was heading stage > jointing stage > maturity stage, and the difference of SPAD value were mainly at heading stage and maturity stage. The differences of SPAD value of four rice canopy leaves of different soil fertility and nitrogen application were mainly in third leaf and fourth leaf. Their SPAD values could be used as parameter to diagnose the nutritional status of nitrogen. The linear relationship between SPAD value and apparent nitrogen supply was significant, and the matching effect of adopting SPADL3 × L4/mean was best. The secondary index of SPAD value obtained from rice canopy leaves could estimate available nitrogen of soil.





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