Author(s) : Huang YiFeiLi XianShengTang XiaoMaCheng HuiZhuCheng GangMingNie WenFangWang ZhenHe XiaoWeiYe JunHua

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.89-90 ref.2


Abstract : Xuangengnuo 1 is a new early-maturing late japonica glutinous rice variety, derived from the cross of 120-5 and 99-25, bred by Xuancheng Agricultural Science Institute in 2011. It was approved by Anhui Provincial Crop Variety Appraisal Committee in 2016. It has the characteristics of high and stable yield, lodging resistance, fine grain quality, cooking with faint scent, appropriate ripe period, comprehensive resistance and wide adaptability.





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