Author(s) : Xie WenXiaoLv JunHan YongLi JianGuoLiu BoLiu JunYao JiPanTang ZhiQiangJiang HongBo

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.45-49 ref.12


Abstract : The plant type characteristics and their relationships of different maturity stage rice cultivars were studied in this paper, using forty cultivars as materials which participated in the rice regional trial in Liaoning Province in 2015. The results indicated that the plant type of early maturity cultivars were mainly curve panicle type (CPT) and light panicle type (LPT), the medium mature varieties were erect panicle type (EPT) and heavy panicle type (HPT), the late maturity varieties were semi-erect panicle type and HPT. There existed no significant differences among different maturity type rice cultivars for leaf length, leaf width showed late maturity varieties > medium maturity varieties > early maturity varieties, but the leaf base angle was opposite. The secondary branch grain rate showed early maturity varieties > medium maturity varieties > late maturity varieties. The contribution rate of secondary branch showed late maturity varieties > medium maturity varieties > early maturity varieties. The panicle type index was mainly dominated by the superior grains on the low part.





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