The situation that has arisen from COVID-19, with herders unable to move and competing for increasingly scarce resources, has shone a light on just how important it is to safeguard the rights of pastoralists.

Although fundamental to the survival of nomadic pastoralists, corridors reserved as pastoral spaces are increasingly overlooked, particularly in times of crisis.


Residents say that land governance platforms could be the solution, providing a forum to begin a dialogue on these problems. It could also allow for the implementation of a post-crisis resilience strategy, developed by the inhabitants themselves.


COVID-19 is just one of the most recent challenges that pastoralists have had to deal with in the Sahel region. Migratory movements have become increasingly restricted in recent years, due to several factors including terrorism, ethnic conflicts and the effects of climate change on land and resources. These recent events are just a wake-up call: now is the time to improve land governance in the region, in order to boost the resilience of pastoralists in Mauritania and neighbouring countries.