Author(s) : Kamaraj, D.Manisegaran, S.

Journal article : Entomon 2019 Vol.44 No.2 pp.137-141 ref.8

Abstract : The study revealed that regardless of seasons two sprays with Meeno amilam @ 2.5 lit. at monthly interval was consistently and significantly effective against Noorda blitealis. It recorded 75.67 per cent reduction over untreated check. Amirtha karaisal @ 5.0 lit. ranked next with 73.48 per cent reduction, followed by Arappu mor karaisal and raking up of the soil. Further application of Meeno amilam and Amirtha karaisal have recorded higher yield and ICBR. Hence, sprays of meeno amilam or Amirtha karaisal may be suggested as an eco-friendly pest management of. N. blitealis.





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