Author(s) : Wang YuMeiZhao ChunRongHuang MinShan ShuangLvZhang HengDongZhou XueFengZou YingBin

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.89-93 ref.25


Abstract : In order to explore the effects of different seedlings combination and fertilizer application on yield and dry matter production of machine-transplanted hybrid rice, a field experiment was conducted with Longliangyou 1212 and Longliangyou huazhang as materials. There are three fertilization levels, including F1 (500 kg/hm2), F2 (900 kg/hm2) and F3 (1 400 kg/hm2) and four seedlings combination, including D1 (28.6 hill/m2 with one seedling per hill), D2 (23.5 hill/m2 with one seedling per hill), D3 (23.5 hill/m2 with two seedlings per hill) and D4 (19.0 hill/m2 with two seedlings per hill). The results showed that the effects of fertilizer rates on yield was significant, and the effects of seedlings combination and interaction between F and D on yield were not significant. With the increase in fertilization, the yield and dry matter production increased significantly, but IE and PEP decreased significantly. Considering the yield and economic performance, the amount of fertilizer 900-1 400 kg/hm2 and the seedling combination 23.5-28.6 hill/m2 with one seedlings per hill was suitable for the development, of hybrid rice transplanting in Hunan Province.





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