Author(s) : Xu FuXianZhang LinXiong HongZhou XingBingJiang PengZhu YongChuanGuo XiaoYiLiu Mao

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.27-31 ref.7


Abstract : In order to study the effects of tillage, plant density, N application and transplanting manner on grain yield of hybrid mid-season rice and fertility of logged-water paddy filed, a positioning test experiment was carried out, with hybrid mid-season rice combination Chuanxiang 9838 as material. The results showed that the yield difference of experimental treatment levels were not significant by tillage, application rate, transplanting manner, respectively, but there were highly significant difference by plant density; due to the interaction effects were significantly between experimental factors, according to the final five years of repeated variance analysis showed that the yield of 24 treatments were not significant (F=0.89). The reason was that the dry matterproduction and nitrogen uptake from soil were greater of plowing, high density and high nitrogen, but the efficiency of nitrogen utilization of them were lower than those of the low-density treatments. The rice production costs can be greatly reduced under ensuring higher yield with a cultivation techniques (no-tillage, transplanting density 120 000 hiles/hm2, nitrogen fertilizer 120 kg/hm2 and same row-spacing cultivation) in all-time logged-water paddy field. The results showed that the soil fertility were higher under the tillage, high-density and high-fertilization than those of other treatments at the end of the fifth year test. But the results of the experiment after the fifth year test end showed that, the yield of plowing > the yield of no-tillage, the yield of low-density > the yield of high-density. Although the grain yield did not fall, the yield of paddy field fertility has declined after five years of continuous no-tillage with high-density planting.





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