Author(s) : Jiang PengXiong HongZhang LinZhu YongChuanGuo XiaoYiZhou XingBingLiu MaoXu FuXian

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.1 pp.73-77 ref.12


Abstract : The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of crop rotation systems and variety type on yield formation under direct seeding rice. The result will provide a theoretical basis for scientific adoption of suitable variety types under direct seeding for different crop rotation systems in Deyang City, Sichuan Province. A field experiment with early rice (ER), early-maturing mid-season hybrid rice (EM), medium-maturing mid-season hybrid rice (MM) and late-maturing mid-season hybrid rice (LM) were conducted to clarify the characteristics of yield formation and biomass production of variety types under direct seeding condition and cropping rotation systems. The results showed that, with the delay of sowing date, the growth duration from sowing to heading and heading to maturity were shorten, the grain yield of ER, EM and MM increased first and then decreased, and the grain yield of LM decreased significantly. MM produced the highest grain yield with 8.47 t/hm2 and 9.30 t/hm2 in green vegetable-rice cropping system and rape-rice cropping system, respectively; while EM get the highest grain yield in wheat-rice cropping system, which reached 7.99 t/hm2. With the delay of sowing date, the biomass of EM and MM increased first and then decreased, while the biomass of ER and LM decreased significantly. It is suggested that high grain yield could be achieved by adopting medium-maturing mid-season hybrid rice under direct seeding condition in green vegetable-rice and rape-rice cropping system, and early-maturing mid-season hybrid rice was suitable for wheat-rice cropping system under direct seeding condition.





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