Author(s) : Zhang QingXu XiaoJieZhu XiaoYuXu JieFenZhu BangHuiXu YuFeng

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.1 pp.110-111 ref.3


Abstract : The effects of different density and fertilizer management on yield of mechanical transplanting rice were studied, with Wuyungeng 30 as material. The results showed that the yield is higher under the condition of plant specifications 29.7 cm × 9.9 cm and 5.3 plants/hill. The author put forward some suggestions: turning down the row spacing, increasing grabbing seedlings and using panicles fertilizer at the time of 4th and 2nd to flag-leaf with 10 kg/667 m2 urea or 9 kg/667 m2 urea+9 kg/667 m2 compound fertilizer.





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