Author(s) : Chen ShaoJieJiang Qi

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.75-77 ref.10


Abstract : A field experiment was carried out to explore different seedling ages (18 d, 23 d and 28 d) on seedling quality, leaf age, tiller dynamic and yield performance, taking ricevariety Ning 84 and Yongyou 538 as materials with machine transplanting. The results showed that the quality of seedling deteriorated significantly, the leaf number, plant height, panicle length and yield were decreased with the seedling age increasing. The yield of Ning 84 and Yongyou 538 with 23 d and 28 d seedling age were decreased by 0.86%, 12.80% and 2.67%, 14.71% than that of the 18 d seedling age. With the seedling age increasing, the maximum tiller number increased, the spike rate of Ning 84 was enhanced and Yongyou 538 was decreased. At the same seedling age, the seedling quality of Ning 84 was worse than Yongyou 538, but its maximum tiller number and spike rate were higher than Yongyou 538.





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