Author(s) : Huang YouGangFeng YueHuaXu GuiLingLi JieYe YongMu GuiTingZhang JiaFengGuan ZhenCe

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.139-143 ref.19


Abstract : Using Neiwuyou 5399 as material, the effects of different tillage methods on growth characteristics and yield formation of indica hybrid rice were studied. The results showed that there were no significant difference in tillering, effective spike rate, leaf area index, the transport capacity of stem, sheath and leaf, NAR and CGR, but the dry matter accumulation were significantly different at heading stage. During the whole growth period, the amount of nitrogen absorption and phosphorus absorption of rotary-tillage were higher than that of conventional-tillage, but there was no significant difference between the two treatments. There were significant difference in potassium absorption before heading between the two treatments, but were not significant after heading. In yield formation, the total grains per panicle, seed setting rate and 1 000 grain weight of conventional-tillage were significantly higher than those of rotary-tillage. The effective panicles of conventional-tillage was higher than that of rotary-tillage, but was not significant. The yield of conventional-tillage was 11 505.66 kg/hm2, it was slightly higher than that of Rotary-tillage, but was not significant. On the whole, the effects of rotary-tillage and conventional-tillage treatments on growth characteristics and yield of hybrid indica rice, were not too great. From the point of view of productivity, we can popularize the method of rotary tillage according to the actual situation.





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