Author(s) : Zhao ChunRongShan ShuangLüWang YuMeiLuo KaiZhou XueFengHuang MinZhang HengDongFan LongCao FangBoChen JiaNaFang ShengLiangZou YingBin

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.67-70 ref.19


Abstract : In order to explore the effects of earthworm casts on growth and yield of riceunder different nitrogen application rate, a micro-plot field experiment was conducted under three levels of nitrogen fertilizer (N1, 9 g/m2; N2, 12 g/m2; N3, 15 g/m2) and three levels of earthworm casts (EC0, 0; EC1, 16.88 kg/m2; EC2, 33.76 kg/m2). The results showed that the grain yield, effective panicle numbers and shoot dry weight under different nitrogen levels all ranked as EC2 > EC1 > EC0. The grain yield of EC2 and EC1 were higher than EC0 by 35.4% and 34.3%, respectively. Compared with EC0, EC2 and EC1 had more effective panicle numbers by 41.5% and 21.3%, respectively. Above ground biomass of EC2and EC1 were higher than EC0 by 47.7% and 25.8%, respectively. The leaf area of EC0 was lower than EC1 and EC2 by 7.1% and 21.4%, and shoot dry weight was lower than EC1 and EC2 by 30.6% and 59.8%, respectively at heading stage. The tiller numbers of EC2 and EC1were significantly higher than EC0 after transplanting for 40 days (P<0.05). As well as SPAD values in EC0 was significantly lower than those, in EC2 and EC1 at panicle initiation stage and milk-rape stage (P<0.05). However, there were no significant effect on nitrogen absorption from chemical fertilizer in rice growth period (P>0.05). The study indicated that applying appropriate amount of earthworm casts could increase the panicle rate, leaf area, SPAD value and shoot dry weight of rice which finally enhance the grain yield.





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