Author(s) : Wang QiangChen LeiZhang XiaoLiLiang TianFengGao GuoQinLv RongHuaTao WeiTang MaoYan

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.78-80 ref.9


Abstract : A pot experiment was conducted in phytotron to simulate the high temperature stress at reproductive growth phase, yield and yield characters were investigated under the high temperature stress with different occurring periods and duration. The results showed, the heading and flowering day was identified as 0 d, high temperature stress has been imposed at the period -9 d, -6 d, -3 d, 0 d, 3 d, 6 d, 9 d, 12 d across reproductive growth phase and the lasted two duration were 3 days and 5 days, respectively, the spikelets setting rate performed same variation tendency between the super hybrid rice variety Y Liangyou 1 and inbred perfect quality rice variety Guiyu 9. The lowest spikelets setting rate appeared at the heading and flowering day, namely 0 d, high temperature damage became more serious as the duration increased. Under the duration 5 days, high temperature stress occurred at the period -3 d reduced the spikelets setting rate seriously and even more than that of at the heading and flowering day with the duration 3 days. The different tolerance to high temperature stress among varieties existed, high temperature tolerance rice varieties should be employed to encounter the heat damage weather at locality ecological sit where high temperature stress is incident.





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