Author(s) : Ren HongRuJing PeiPeiChen YuFeiHu YuXiangChen MengYunHuo ZhongYang

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.56-62 ref.27


Abstract : In order to study the effects of different low temperature intensity (13°C, 15°C and 17°C) and different duration (3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 days) at booting stage on growth and yield formation of rice, japonica rice Nangeng 9108 and indica rice Yangliangyou 6 were planted in artificial chambers. The results showed that the low temperature at booting stage reduced the plant height, length of panicle and the internode length, significantly decreased the dry matter weight at maturity. The rate of shell was increased, the seed setting rate, grains per panicle, grain plumpness and 1000-grain weight were decreased, and the yield decreased significantly. Yangliangyou 6 is more sensitive to low temperature comparing with Nangeng 9108.





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