Author(s) : Qin JianJiang KaiFengZhang TaoXiong HongXu FuXianZheng JiaKuiJiang Peng

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.94-98 ref.20


Abstract : A field experiment was conducted to study the effects of nitrogen (N) rate and plant density on grain yield and N use efficiency of hybrid rice Deyou 4727 with heavy panicle, and conventional rice Wushansimiao with light panicle, under four N application rate (0, 120, 165 and 210 kg/hm2, namely N0, N120, N165 and N210) and three plant densities (25.0, 19.1, 12.5 hills/m2, namely D1, D2 and D3). The results showed that the 25.0 hills/m2 of planting density was the optimum planting density. When the planting density was 25.0 hills/m2, the grain yield of Deyou 4727 was increased with the increasing of N application rate at first and decreased after N application rate exceeding 165 kg/hm2, and the grain yield of Wushansimiao was increased with the increasing of N application rates. The highest grain yield of Deyou 4727 (10.90 t/hm2) was in combination of N 165 kg/hm2 and 25.0 hills/m2. Wushansimiao obtained the highest grain yield (10.21 t/hm2) in the combination of N 210 kg/hm2 and 25.0 hills/m2. Under the same plant density, N use efficiency was decreased with the increasing of N application rates. Grain yield and N use efficiency was increased with the increasing of plant, densities. It is a key technique for the high-yielding and high-efficiency cultivation of hybrid rice with heavy panicle. N application rate of 165 kg/hm2 and plant density of 25.0 hills/m2 is the optimum combination.





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