Author(s) : Jiang PengLiu MaoQin JianXiong HongXu FuXian

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.102-106 ref.20


Abstract : A field experiment, was conducted to study the effects of nitrogen application rate on yield and grain quality of super hybrid rice Deyou4727, ordinary hybrid rice Chuanyou 6203 and conventional rice Wushansimiao in Deyang City, Sichuan Province in 2016. The three cultivars were grown under four N treatments (0, 120, 165 and 210 kg/hm2 N, named N0, N120, N165 and N210). The results showed that the yield of super hybrid rice was increased with the increasing of N application rate at first and then decreased; the treatment N165 produced the maximum yield. The yields of ordinary hybrid and conventional rice were increased with the nitrogen application rate increasing, the treatment N210 recorded the maximum yield, and had no significant difference with treatment N165. The brown rice rate, head rice rate and protein content were increased with the nitrogen application rate increasing. The chalky rice rate and chalkiness degree response to nitrogen application rate varied with cultivars. Nitrogen application rate had no significant effects on gel consistency and amylase content except for gel consistency of ordinary hybrid rice. The difference in yield and grain quality among the cultivars were significant. The yield of super hybrid rice was increased by 8.0% compared with ordinary hybrid rice and conventional rice. The higher yield is due to higher grain weight. The brown rice rate, chalky rice rate, chalkiness degree and gel consistency of super hybrid rice were significantly higher than those of conventional rice, but had lower amylase content and protein content. The head rice rate of super hybrid rice was significantly higher than that of ordinary hybrid rice, but slightly lower than that of conventional rice. Considering the yield and grain quality, the optimum nitrogen application rate of 165 kg/hm2 was proposed for super hybrid rice Deyou 4727 in Chengdu Plain.





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