Author(s) : Wu HuiXiang JingChen HuiZheZhang YuPingZhang YiKaiWang YaLiangJi GuangMeiShi HongZhiZhu DeFeng

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.14-19 ref.21


Abstract : Effects of pre-anthesis nitrogen deficiency at different growth stages on nitrogen metabolism enzyme activities in main functional leaves were studied, using indica-japanica hybrid rice variety Yongyou 12, and indica hybrid rice variety Zhongzheyou 1 as materials. The results showed that, affected by nitrogen deficiency at meiosis stage and rupturing stage, nitrogen concentration, NR, GS, GOGAT, GOT and CPT enzyme activities of top-three leaves were dramatically decreased, but CDH activity was increased significantly. In general, the sensitivity of enzyme activities of leaves at different leaf positions to nitrogen deficiency were enhanced from bottom to top. Furthermore, the effects of nitrogen deficiency at rupturing stage on nitrogen assimilation enzyme activities of indica hybrid rice Zhongzheyou 1 was much less than that of meiosis stage. However, indica-japanica hybrid rice Yongyou 12 was still sensitive to nitrogen deficiency during rapturing stage. This indicated that the nitrogen deficiency sensitivity of nitrogen metabolism enzymes in Zhongzheyou 1 plants decreased gradually from meiosis stage to rupturing stage, and the demand for soil available nitrogen was decreased synchronously, while Yongyou 12 had higher demand for soil nitrogen supply.





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