Author(s) : Jiang XinLuLi XuYiChi ZhongZhiWang ShaoHuaYang FuMingZheng JiaGuo

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.1 pp.92-95 ref.13


Abstract : In order to cultivate seedlings that are adaptable to farming system and transplanter, the seedling quality and machine transplanting quality of potted-tray, bowl-shaped blanket tray and soft plastic flat plate were compared and analyzed in this paper. The results showed that nursing seedlings with potted-tray had the advantages of saving seeds, high sowing precision, high seedling rate. The quality difference was smallest among the 20-day-old seedlings that were nursed with 3 different patterns, but since then the quality advantage of potted-tray grown seedlings had been more and more prominent. There was small difference in quality among the 30-day-old seedlings. However, for the seedlings that were older than 40 d, the transplanting quality of potted-tray grown seedlings was higher than that of bowl-shaped blanket tray grown seedlings and soft plastic flat plate grown seedlings. In addition, the returning green period of the potted -tray grown seedlings was significantly shortened. Compared to the bowl-shaped blanket tray grown seedlings and soft plastic flat plate grown seedlings, the potted-tray grown seedlings were more suitable to transplant by machine in the wheat-rice double cropping areas of Chengdu Plain.





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