Author(s) : Jiang XinLuYang YongBoFu MingQuanLi XuYiChi ZhongZhiZheng JiaGuo

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.111-114 ref.18


Abstract : A field experiment was earned out to explore the effects of seed treatments on seedling emergence and yield of direct seeding lice under different direct seeding methods. The results showed that the rate of emergence was higher in the treatment of the seeds were soaked for 48 h and showed white after germination. There were significant differences in effective panicles and 1 000-grain weight among different seed treatments, but were no significant differences in grains per panicle and seed setting rate. In wet direct seeding, the seeds were soaked for 48 hours and germination to half grain length, which was useful to improve the population size and yield traits. In conclusion, the seeds were soaked for 48h and showed white after germination in dry direct seeding or wet direct seeding, which would have higher rate of emergence and grain yield.





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