Author(s) : Luo HaoWenZhong ZhuoJunNie JunTang XiangRu

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.64-67 ref.21


Abstract : A field experiment was carried out to study the effects on physiological characters, yield and quality of ultrasonic processing coated and uncoated rice seeds, taking Yuejingsimiao as materials. The results showed that ultrasonic treatment could improve the yield of rice, and the yield of ultrasonic processing coated seeds treatment was the highest, because the ultrasonic treatment increased the effective panicles, grains number per panicle and seed setting rate. What's more, ultrasonic processing could increase SOD and POD activities and free proline contents, decrease MDA contents and improve the resistance of rice. In addition, ultrasonic treatment could also improve processing quality and appearance quality of rice.





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