Author(s) : Qu HuaXiangZhao PingLiu YangZhang YuZhu

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.1 pp.31-35 ref.3


Abstract : A field experiment was carried out to explore the effects of different cultivation modes on rice quality. The results showed that the brown rice rate and milled rice rate were highest under dry film mulching cultivation, the head rice rate was highest under water film mulching cultivation. There was no significant difference in grain length and length/width ratio of the same variety in different cultivation modes, but the film mulching cultivation had a higher rate of chalky rice rate and chalkiness degree. Compared with CK, 88S/1128 under dry film mulching cultivation has lower amylase content and gel consistency, but higher pasting temperature; Xiangwanxian17 under dry film mulching cultivation has lower amylose content, higher gel consistency and lower pasting temperature. The protein content of two varieties showed dry and no film mulching cultivation > conventional cultivation > dry film mulching cultivation > water film mulching cultivation. The variation degree of rice quality traits showed appearance quality traits > cooking and eating quality traits > milling quality traits.





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