Author(s) : Cruz-Delgado, D.Leos-Rodríguez, J. A.García-Álvarez Coque, J. M.

Journal articleAgroproductividad 2017 Vol.10 No.3 pp.69-74 ref.26



Abstract : The correlation between estimations of support for agriculture and economic performance of the Mexican agricultural and livestock sector was analyzed, considering that these supports are affected by agricultural reforms, quantifying the changes in producer support and the performance of this sector in the context of trade liberalization. The statistical tests were means comparison and Pearson correlation. The period of analysis was 1986 to 2014, divided into two subperiods: 1986-1993 (before the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA) and 1994-2014 (after NAFTA). A significant association between estimations of producer support and performance of the agricultural and livestock sector was not found. Significant differences were also not found between estimations of average support for the producer before and after NAFTA. The performance of the agricultural and livestock sector before and after NAFTA presented positive significant differences.





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