GRA developed a fellowship programme in collaboration with CCAFS – based on their CLIFF programme. The fellowship is known as CLIFF-GRADS: CCAFS’ Climate Food and Farming Research Network (CLIFF) with the GRA Development Scholarship (GRADS).


CLIFF-GRADS Scholarships are to support PhD students to participate in research relevant to the work plans of GRA Research Groups or Flagship projects.


The first call for applications took place at the UN climate change conference (COP23) in November 2017 and we were pleased to be able to advertise 18 opportunities, of which 9 scholarships were awarded.  See here for details:

GRA will be opening a second call for applications at the end of July and seek your inputs to identify possible opportunities that could be advertised in the call.


Please find attached information on the CLIFF-GRADS programme and a template for you to identify possible opportunities that can be included in the call.   We also attach the opportunities that were advertised in the first call so you can see the sort of information required.


Please provide your initial project ideas to the Secretariat no later than 20 July 2018 to allow us to discuss with CCAFS and make a short-list.