Author(s) : Olvera-Hernández, J. I.Álvarez-Calderón, N. M.Guerrero-Rodríguez, J. D.Aceves-Ruiz, E.

Journal article : Agroproductividad 2017 Vol.10 No.7 pp.21-26 ref.15


Abstract : The backyard is considered an agroecosystem made up of plants and animals of use for families in the rural environment, and it contributes to the diet and financial income from the sale of excess. The backyard plant species have importance due to the use that producers give them. This study reveals the composition and relevance of plant species in peasant family backyards of Northeastern Puebla, México. Eighty-two (82) producers were interviewed from communities in three municipalities of the state's Sierra Madre Oriental, revealing their sociodemographic situation, related to the size of the backyard, importance of fruit, annual and perennial species; also, the management and care of the backyard. At least 20 important fruit species were found, as well as 46 annual and perennial species, because of their contribution to the diet and income for the family economy, highlighting that the management and care of the backyard is in the hands of the family nucleus.





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