Author(s) : Chen GangWu WenGeHu PengChen NanXu YouZunXi MinSun XueYuanHuang YiDeDong Wei

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.34-38 ref.9


Abstract : In order to explore the suitable sowing dates and improve grain quality of rice, the genetic stability and adaptability of three rice cultivars with five different sowing dates were evaluated for nutritional and eating quality traits (gelatinization temperature, glue consistency, amylose content, protein content) based on AMMI model. The results showed that the differences in nutritional and eating quality traits among genotypes, sowing date and genotype × sowing date interactions were all significant at 1% level. Gelatinization temperature, glue consistency, amylose content, protein content were also significantly different in IPCA value. The environment (actors of different sowing dale with high mean temperature), enough accumulated sunshine hours and large diurnal temperature range from rice heading stage to maturity stage were beneficial to produce good quality of hybrid mid-indica rice. The order of stability of nutritional and eating quality traits for the 3 cultivars was: Xinlianyou 6 > Liangyou 1128 > Fengliangyou 4. The order for identifying rice quality of five sowing date was: April 20th > May 10th > May 20th > April 30th > May 30th.





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