Author(s) : Yoshioka, T.

Journal article : Bulletin of the NARO, Fruit Tree & Tea Science 2017 No.1 pp.37-45 ref.2


Abstract : Kankitsu Kuchinotsu 39 was produced from a cross between 'Encore' (Citrus. nobilis × C. deliciosa) mandarin and 'Okitsu Wase' (C. unshiu) in 1974 by Kuchinotsu Branch, Fruit Tree Research Station, and subjected to national trial from 2001. The tree vigor is medium. The fruit weight about 125 g in average, and the fruit is oblate to compressed in shape. The rind is orange to dark orange in color, about 2 mm thick, and relatively easily peeled. The flesh is orange in color, relatively hard. The Brix and acidity of the juice were 12.9% and 1.00 g/100 ml, respectively. The fruit ripened in mid- to late January. Although the fruit had good taste and unique texture, fruit cracking and low productivity were noted during the trials, and the strain was considered to have poor widely spreading possibility. Therefore, the trial was discontinued in 2009.





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