Author(s) : Sato, A.Yamada, M.Kono, A.Mitani, N.Ueno, T.Shiraishi, M.Kobayashi, S.

Journal article : Bulletin of the NARO, Fruit Tree & Tea Science 2017 No.1 pp.19-25 ref.12


Abstract : 'Suzakunishiki' is a persimmon cultivar released by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Institute of Fruit Tree and Tea Science (NIFTS) in Japanthat has red colored leaves during periods of defoliation and is used for ornamental purposes. 'Suzakunishiki' is derived from a cross between 'Yokono' and 310-24 ('LuotianTianshi' × 'Taishuu') executed at Akitsu, NIFTS in 2002. It was released as 'Suzakunishiki' in 2011 and registered as No.23899 under The Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act of Japan in 2015. The tree is semi weak with spreading growth habit and the leafing time is similar to that of 'Tanrei' and 'Kinshuu'. It bears pistillate, staminate, and hermaphrodite flowers. The beginning of red leaf harvest time and of defoliation time of 'Suzakunishiki' is 8 days and 4 days later than 'Tanrei' and 'Kinshuu', respectively. Harvesting period of red leaves is more than 10 days, similar to that of the cultivars. The leaves in defoliation time are uniform and attractive in color, ranging from deep yellowish red to deep reddish brown. The fruit is of pollination variant and astringent (PVA) type, which ripens in late November. 'Suzakunishiki' is not suitable for fruit production due to its poor eating quality and low yield.





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