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1. NGUYEN THI NHAI , NGUYEN THI THANH THUY - Screening of molecular markers linked to blast disease resistance genes for marker assisted selection (MAS) in Vietnam



2. DOAN THI BICH THAO, NGUYEN XUAN THANG, NGUYEN THI THU HOAI, TA THI THUY DUNG, LE CONG TUNG, BUI MANH CUONG, NONG VAN HAI - Transformation of Vietnamese Maize source materials with the drought tolerance gene ZmDREB2A by Agrobacterium Tumerfaciens




3. NGUYEN BA NGOC , NGUYEN THI THANH THUY - Genetic diversity evaluation and DNA profile of Northern Vietnamese tea germplasms by SSR and SCoT markers




4. NGUYEN THI LAN HOA, NGUYEN THI THANH THUY - Establishing DNA fingerprinting database of some indigenous bananas using Simple Sequence Repeat and Start Codon Targered markers





5. DO VAN DUNG, M.T. VINAYAN, GAJANAN SAYKHEDKAR, RAMAN BABU, DANG NGOC HA , LE QUY KHA AND P.H. ZAIDI - Deciphering genomic regions associated with waterlogging and drought tolerance traits in tropical maize using multiple connected populations




6. NGUYEN XUAN THANG, DOAN BICH THAO, NGUYEN THI THU HOAI, TA THI THUY DUNG, LE CONG TUNG, BUI MANH CUONG - Evaluation of drought tolerance and some biochemical components of ZmDREB2A transgenic maize inbreds in the artificial drought condition at seedling stage




7. DO VAN DUNG, DANG NGOC HA, LE QUY KHA, NGUYEN CHI THANH, P.H. ZAIDI, M.T. VINAYAN - Early testing for combining ability and drought tolerance of 8 F2:3 maize populations




8. NGO XUAN QUY, NGUYEN THI THANH THUY, PHAM ANH CUONG - Establishment of a criteria set for risk assessment of genetically modified corn on environment and biodiversity in Vietnam.





9. LE VAN HUNG, NGUYEN THI THANH TRAM, VU NGOC LONG - Some results of plant Biodiversity research in peatland U Minh Thuong National Park




10. LE VAN HUNG, NGUYEN THI THANH TAM, LE PHAT QUOI - Studies on the status of peatland in the U Minh, Mekong Delta, Vietnam




11. LUU THI THANH THAT, LE QUY KHA, PHAN THI VAN - Drought tolerance of several maize hybrids and their yield stability in Binh Phuoc province of Vietnam




12. NGUYEN VAN TRUONG, NONG VAN HAI, BUI MANH CUONG - Preliminary evaluation of drought tolerance of some modiCspB transgenic maize lines under artificial drought condition at the seedling stage




13. NGUYEN HUU HUNG, LUONG VAN VANG, LUONG THAI HA, NGUYEN CHI THANH - Evaluation of salt tolerance ability of maize hybrids by vessel culture




14. NGUYEN TIEN TRUONG, MAI XUAN TRIEU - Study on the utilization ability of some materials for breeding of early maturing hybrid maize




15. KIEU QUANG LUAN, DANG NGOC HA, NGUYEN DUC THANH - Effect of season on in vivo induction rate in various germplasm sources of maize




16. DO BA VONG, NGUYEN DINH TRUNG, NGUYEN VAN HUY, PHAM XUAN LIEM - Study on improvement of F1 seed production process of two-line hybrid rice variety TH3-4  in Yendinh, Thanhhoa




17. NGUYEN HUU TAN, TRAN VAN TRUNG, VU THI PHUONG THAO, PHAM XUAN LIEM - Study on improvement of cultivation technical measures of rice variety RVT in Nam Dinh province




18. NGUYEN THUY QUY TU, NGUYEN THUY HUONG, PHAM S - Using coconut fiber substrate with supplementation of Biopolyter-Azotobacterfor strawberry growing




19. NGUYEN THI LY - Exploitation and development of red  seed coat groundnut from Dien Bien and Bac Giang gene resources




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