Please contact Mrs Pham Thi Xuan for full paper: Department of Information;Telephone number: (04)36490504; Mobile: 0949940399; Email:;

Please contact Mrs Pham Thi Xuan for full paper: Department of Information;Telephone number: (04)36490504; Mobile: 0949940399; Email:;






1. PHAM VAN CHUONG, HO NGOC GIAP, VO VAN TRUNG, LE THI THU HUONG, HO THI TRANG - Research on production of chrysanthemum variety by using tissue culture technique in North Central Region of Vietnam



2. VO THI TUYET, PHAM THI SAM, NGUYEN THI THU HA, NGUYEN THI TRAM - Collecting, preservation and utilization of plant genetic resources in Northern Central Region



3. MAI VAN TRI, NGUYEN THI NGUYEN VAN, NGUYEN VAN HOA AND NGUYEN VAN TUAT - Rapid screening for the resistance to Phytophthora palmivora causing stem canker on jackfruit in the Southeastern Vietnam



4. NGUYEN THUY QUY TU, NGUYEN THUY HUONG, PHAM S - Effects of waterholding Biopolyter-Azotobacter and fertilizer ongrowth and development  of strawberries incoco mulch substrate in Dalat



5. TRAN THI HUE, LE NHU KIEU, TONG KIM THUAN - Study on fermentation conditions for microbial strains isolated from soils of Shan tea plantation



6. NGUYEN TUAN LINH, DINH THI HIEN, HO TUAN ANH - Effect of the yeast's ratio, fermentation temperature and time on pineapple brandy production



7. LE QUOC THANH, DAM QUANG MINH, NGUYEN HUU HIEU, LE NGOC HOANG, LE TRUONG GIANG - Research results of improved seed pot for winter maize on two rice crops land in the red river delta



8. LE QUOC THANH, PHAM VAN DAN, NGUYEN XUAN DUNG - Research on cropping systems using high econonomic efficient ratoon rice and early winter crops in Nam Dinh province



9. LUU NGOC QUYEN, BUI THI CHUYEN, NGUYEN THI VAN,  LUU THI THANH HUYEN, NGUYEN VAN CHINH, NGUYEN THANH TUYEN, LE KHAI HOAN - Effect of nitrogen and potassium level on growth, development and yield of inbred rice variety PB53



10. TRAN MINH HOA, LIEU THANH HUNG, HOANG THI BICH THAO - Effects of top removal time on yield and quality of promising sweet sorghum varieties in Thai Nguyen



11. LE QUOC THANH, NGUYEN THI THU TRANG - Research on shifting of crop structure for enhancing income in swiddens land in Cao Bang province



12. NGUYEN XUAN DUNG, LE QUOC THANH, ĐO THI THU HUONG, LE THANH TUNG - Research on wide - narrow row spacing for using edge effects on production of hybrid rice variety Thai Xuyen 111 in Nam Dinh



13. LE QUOC THANH, PHAM VAN DAN, VU THI KHUYEN - Results on building pilot of intergrated rice intensification  in Northern mountainous region from 2014 to 2015



14. LE QUOC THANH, PHAM VAN DAN, PHAM VAN VU - Result of setting up large scale rice field producing high - quality rice variety LH12



15. NGUYEN XUAN DUNG, LE QUOC THANH - Result of testing rice variety BT09 in Northern provinces



16. NGUYEN THI LEN, PHAM XUAN THU - Stability evaluation of leaf yield of mulberry hybrid VH17 in Red River Delta



17. NGUYEN VAN TRUNG, TRAN HAU HUNG - Impacts of climate change on vegetable production in Ha Tinh province and proposed technical solutions for large – scale vegetable production adapting to climate change



18. NGUYEN XUAN THINH, TRUONG THANH TAN, TRAN THI LE HANG, VAN PHAM DANG TRI - An integrated approach to evaluate the effects of a flood control project in Mekong Delta of Vietnam: The case study of the Southern Vam Nao



19. NGUYEN VAN CHUONG - Uptake of arsenic in An Phu district, An Giang province



20. TRAN QUOC VIET, DO PHUONG CHI, DINH TIEN DUNG, CU THI NGA - Study on adsorption capacity of cypermethrin in brackish water by using granular activated carbon (GAC)



Please contact Mrs Pham Thi Xuan for full paper: Department of Information


Telephone number: (04)36490504;


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