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1.TRAN KIM CUONG, NGUYEN NGOC VU, HUYNH THI PHUONG LIEN, NGUYEN THI LANG - Genetic diversity of hot pepper genotypes based on microsatellite (SSR) markers



2. NGUYEN THI NHAI, VO THI MINH TUYEN, NGUYEN THI HONG, NGUYEN THI THANH THUY - Differential analysis for mutant lines using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in rice



3. TRAN KIM CUONG, HUYNH VU SON - Result of breeding on cherry tomato hybrid variety Long Dinh



4. PHAM THI MUOI, MAI VAN TRI - Survey and selection of durian variety in the Southern Vietnam in the period 2010-2012



5. NGUYEN THI NGOC DIEM, NGUYEN PHUONG THUY - Characterization of pineapple hybrid lines from reciprocal crosses between Long Dinh 2 (Cayenne) × Mauritius (GU044 Queen) and Long Dinh 2 (Cayenne) × CĐD.DUAQUEEN - 12.55.02 (Queen)



6. PHAM HUNG CUONG, LE THI THANH THUY, NGUYEN TAT HOA - Breeding new sweet potato varieties for North central provinces of Vietnam



7. NGUYEN THI LEN, PHAM XUAN THU - Influence of waterlogging on leaf yield of some new hybrid mulberry varieties



8. PHAM VAN LINH, NGUYEN DUC ANH, TRAN THI QUYNH NGA - Rapid multiplication of sweet potato by in in vitro



9. TRAN THI OANH YEN, NGUYEN PHUONG THUY, TRAN THI THAO NHU, PHAM THI MUOI, LE THI CAM TU, HOANG VAN HIEU, MAI VAN TRI - Evaluation on genetic diversity of durian cultivars collected in the South of Vietnam by using Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) markers



10. LE NGOC BAU, PHAN VIET HA - Integrated Irrigation Management for coffee: important solutions for sustainable coffee production in the Central Highlands



11. DO THI HANH, DAM QUANG HIEU, NGUYEN DUY PHUONG, PHAM XUAN HOI - Expression and purification of a DNA encoding highly-antigenic polypeptide from capsid protein P10.2 of Routhern rice black-striked drarf viruss



12. NGUYEN THANH HIEU, NGUYEN NGOC ANH THU, NGUYEN VAN HOA - Identification of morphological and biological characteristics of Neoscytalidium dimidiatum causing canker on dragon fruit



13. NGUYEN NGOC ANH THU, LE THI TUONG, NGUYEN THANH HIEU, NGUYEN VAN HOA, TRAN KIM CUONG - Characterrization and pathogenicity of Colletotrichum spp. associated with anthracnose on chilli in the Southern of Vietnam



14. NGUYEN AN DE - Effect of watering and flower-inducing chemicals to flowering rate of early-flowering mangosteen in the Southeast of Vietnam



15. NGUYEN THANH HIEU, NGUYEN NGOC ANH THU, NGUYEN HUY CUONG, NGUYEN VAN HOA - The evaluation of some agrochemicals against canker (Neoscytalidium dimidiatum)
on dragon fruit crop (Hylocereus undatus)



16. HUYNH THI BICH TUYEN, NGUYEN AN DE, MAI VAN TRI - Efficacy of some insecticides against Phyllocnistis citrella stainton on Pomelo c.v Duong la cam in the Southeast of Vietnam



17. TRAN THI HUE, TONG KIM THUAN, NGUYEN VAN GIANG - Isolation, selection of iron phosphate and aluminum phosphate solubilizing microorganisms from soil cultivated Shan tea in Yen Bai province



18. LUONG DUC TOAN, HO QUANG DUC, NGUYEN XUAN HAI - Characteristics of agricultural soil in Son La province


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