Please contact Mrs Pham Thi Xuan for full paper: Department of Information;Telephone number: (04)36490504; Mobile: 0949940399; Email:;


Please contact Mrs Pham Thi Xuan for full paper: Department of Information;Telephone number: (04)36490504; Mobile: 0949940399; Email:;






1. TRUONG ANH PHUONG, NGUYEN THI NGOC AN, NGUYEN THI LANG  - Exploitation of initial materials for rice varieties without chalkiness



2. NGUYEN THI LANG, TRINH THI LUY, NGUYEN NGOC HUONG, TRAN BAO TOAN, BUI CHI BUU - Pyramiding two genes of aroma and drought tolerance on backcrossing rice lines for Mekong river



3. NGUYEN TRONG PHUOC, TRAN BAO TOAN, BUI CHI BUU, NGUYEN THI LANG - Screening Summer rice collection for salt tolerance at the seedling and flowering stage



4. NGUYEN THI LANG, PHAM CONG TRU, NGUYEN TRONG PHUOC, TRAN MINH TAI, BUI CHI BUU - Pyramiding two genes of salt and drought tolerance in rice at Mekong River Delta



5. HO VAN DUOC, NGUYEN THI LANG, DANG THI DIEM KIEU, NGUYEN THI THAO NGUYEN, BUI CHI BUU - Analysis of amylose content and agronomic traits of backcrossing lines OM7347/OM5390//OM7347



6. PHAM THI KIM VANG, LUONG MINH CHAU, NGUYEN THI LANG - Evaluation of brown plant hopper resistance of some rice varieties and breeding lines in the Cuulong River Delta



7. NGUYEN THI XUAN MAI, NGUYEN DUC CUONG - Evaluation of Pseudomonas fluorescens against Pyricularia oryzae causing rice blast disease and related mechanisms in invitro condition



8. NGUYEN THI PHA, TRAN DINH GIOI - Evaluation of nitrogen-fixation effect of two bacteria strains Serratia marcescens CTB3 and Ideonella sp. CT1N2 on OM6976 rice variety



9. DANG VAN TUAN, LE DINH HAI, VU KHAC HUNG, VO THANH THIN - Survey of antibodies against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in pigs raising in Southern Central and Western Highland provinces



10. DANG MINH TAM, ROGER MITCHELL, NEENA MITTER - Virus resistance mechanism on plant



11. NGUYEN THI THANH HAI, NINH THI PHIP, BUI THE KHUYNH, NGUYEN PHUONG MAI, VU THI HOAI - Effect of substrate on growth of Polyscias fruticosa ( L.) Harms under saline condition



12. NGUYEN HUY HOANG, HOANG TUYEN PHUONG, TRAN NGOC CHUNG, LE QUOC THANH - Effect of plant density and nitrogen dose on growth and productivity of groundnut variety L26 intercropping with sugarcane in Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province



13. PHAM THI PHUONG THAO, LE VAN HOA, PHAM PHUOC NHAN, PHAN HUU NGHIA, LE THI HOANG YEN, TRAN THI TUYET TRINH - Effect of plant density and foliar fertilizers on the tuberous yield and quality of three different purple sweet potato varieties (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.)



14. TRAN NGOC HUU, TAT ANH THU, LE PHUOC TOAN, LUONG THI  HOANG DUNG, LY NGOC THANH XUAN, NGO NGOC HUNG - Effectiveness of sweet-potatoes residues decomposed by microorganism on growth, yield and NPK uptake of rice in Cuulong Delta



15. TRAN QUOC VIET, DO PHUONG CHI, DINH TIEN DUNG, CU THI NGA - Study on adsorption capacity of cypermethrin in brackish water by using granular activated carbon (GAC)



16. HOANG TUYEN PHUONG, LE QUOC THANH - Development of mungbean production for changing of cropping pattern in arid area



17. TRINH THANH THAO, TRAN THI KIEU TRANG, TRINH QUANG KHUONG, TRAN THI NGOC HUAN - Economic efficiency of integrated management practices in spring-summer upland crop cultivation in Vinh Chau, Soc Trang



18. VO THI THANH LOC - Financial efficiency of farmer household in key agro-product value chains in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam



19. LE QUOC THANH, NGUYEN DOAN HUNG - Linkage to build demonstration of intensive cultivation by applying mechanization for peanut production on large-scale fields



20. BUI THI PHUONG LOAN, TRAN MINH TIEN - Study on relationship between physico-chemical properties of sandy soil and cropping patterns in Northern Central Coast region



Please contact Mrs Pham Thi Xuan for full paper: Department of Information


Telephone number: (04)36490504;


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