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1. BUI VIET THU, VU THI THU HIEN, NGUYEN THI TRAM - Breeding of new CMS lines for development of three-line hybrid rice in Vietnam



2. NGUYEN VAN DU, THAN THI THU HANH, HOANG THI THU HANG, NGUYEN THI THANH LAN - Selection of sugarcane variation clones by in vitro culture in combination with Gamma Co60 irradiation.



3. LE THI THUONG, NGUYEN THI BACH MAI, VO MANH HUNG, NGUYEN THI HA, NGUYEN CUONG QUYET - Selection of sugarcane varieties for drought tolerance in Khanh Hoa province



4. NGUYEN DUC QUANG, DOAN LE THUY - Results of sugarcane breeding through sexual hybridization during the period of 2008 - 2016



5. NGUYEN DUC QUANG, LE THI HIEN, DUONG CONG THONG, DO VAN TUONG, NGUYEN THI TAN - Selection result of VN08-270 sugarcane variety in waterlogged acidic region of South-western Vietnam



6. PHAM TAN HUNG, DO CAO TRI, CAO ANH DUONG - Testing result of some new sugarcane varieties in Gia Lai province



7. NGUYEN TRI YEN CHI, TRUONG TRONG NGON - Analysis of segregation in backcross combinations of brown planthopper resistant aromatic rice lines based on agronomic traits and marker



8. NGUYEN THI LANG, PHAM CONG TRU, NGUYEN VAN HIEU, TRAN MINH TAI, NGUYEN NGOC HUONG, TRAN THI THANH XA, BUI CHI BUU - Genotype and enviroment interaction in rice varieties for salt tolerance in Cuulong Delta



9. TRAN THI THANH XA, NGUYEN THI LANG, PHAM THI THU HA, NGUYEN NGOC HƯƠNG, BUI CHI BUU - Study on genetic variation of mutant rice variety OM4900 in the Cuulong Delta.



10. NGUYEN THI LANG, TRAN THI THANH XA NGUYEN VAN HIEU, CHAU THANH NHA, NGUYEN NGOC HUONG, BUI CHI BUU - Interaction of quality and yield components on rice varieties in the Mekong Delta



11. HA MINH LOAN, TRAN THI THU HOAI, TRAN DANH SUU - Study on technical measures for Khau Ky rice variety in Tan Uyen district, Lai Chau province



12. NGUYEN DUC QUANG, LE THI HIEN, DUONG CONG THONG, DO VAN TUONG AND NGUYEN THI TAN - Study on suitable doses of Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate and potassium for some new sugarcane varietes in Ca Mau province



13. TRAN VAN DIEN,HOANG THI BICH THAO, DAO THI THU HUONG, NGUYEN THI HUE - Effects of plant densities and fertilizer levels on growth and yield of special upland rice Khau Nua Deng in Ha Giang



14. DAO THANH VAN, NGUYEN THI HUYEN TRANG - Effect of plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers on growth and development of Phalaenopsis Orchid V3 cultivar in Thai Nguyen province



15. CAO ANH DUONG, PHAM VAN TUNG, VO VAN LUONG - Effects of sugarcane setts treatment methods on germination rate



16. CAO ANH DUONG, PHAM VAN TUNG, TRAN BA KHOA, PHAM THI THU, NGUYEN DAI HUONG - Effects of crop rotation and intercropping on yield, quality and efficiency of sugarcane production in Tay Ninh province



17. THAN THI THU HANH, NGUYEN ĐUC QUANG, LE QUANG TUYEN, NGUYEN VAN DU, NGUYEN CHUYEN THUAN - Analysis of genetic diversity of some sugarcane varieties using SSR markers



18. DAO THANH VAN, DAO THANH THUY LINH - Morphological characteristics, growth and development performance of several Tulipa cultivars in Thai Nguyen province



19. PHAM TAN HUNG, PHAM HUNG VI, CAO ANH DUONG - Study on sucrose accumulation in some popular sugarcane varieties grown in low-land of Tay Ninh province



20. NGUYEN THI GIANG, NGUYEN PHUONG, NGUYEN VIET CUONG - Evaluation of adaptability of rice varieties to acid sulphate soils in Dong Thap Muoi in Summer-Autumn season of 2015



21. LE QUOC THANH, PHAM VAN DAN, HOANG TUYEN PHUONG - Assessing the potential and using status of crop residue in some provinces of Vietnam



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