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1. NGUYEN THI HUYEN, TA THI HUY PHU, PHAM VAN NHAN, TRAN ĐAO ANH THIEN, NGUYEN THI NHU THOA, TRAN THI MAI, HO LE QUYEN, LUU VĂN QUYNH - Breeding and testing short duration rice variety ANS2 for Southern Central region of Viet Nam



2. NGUYEN THANH PHUONG, LE MINH TUAN, TRAN TIEN DUNG - Selection of cassava varieties with the high yield and high starch content for Dak Nong province



3. HO HUY CUONG, NGUYEN VAN THANG, HOANG MINH TAM, MAC KHANH TRANG, NGUYEN VAN HIEN, TRƯƠNG THI THUAN, BUI NGOC THAO, ĐUONG MINH MANH - Breeding of salt-tolerant peanut variety LDH.09 for Southern Central Coastal areas



4. LE VAN LUY, PHAN AI CHUNG, LY NU CAM DUYEN, VU VAN KHUE, TRAN TUAN VU, TRAN KIM CUONG - Result of selecting and breeding of hybrid seed point-up hot chili F1



5. BUI THI HONG, NGO HONG BINH, NGUYEN THI THU THUY, PHAM THI TRANG, NGUYEN THI THANH THAO - Selection of dianthus variety for pot flower



6. DANG THI VAN, DANG THI THU HA, LE THI THUY, DOAN THI THUY VAN - Screening of tomato pure lines resisting to yellow leaf curl virus by using marker assisted selection



7. NGUYEN MINH SON, DUONG THI NGUYEN - Evaluation of promissing rice varieties in Dong Trieu town, Quang Ninh province



8. HO HUY CUONG, MAC KHANH TRANG, HOANG MINH TAM, TRUONG THI THUAN, DUONG MINH MANH, BUI NGOC THAO - Effects of planting density, dose and type of potassium on groundnut yield LDH.09 in saline sandy soil of Binh Dinh province



9. VO MINH THU - Effects of microbial organic fertilizer on yield components and quality of wax gourd (Benincasa cerifera Savi)



10. CHU THI NGOC MY, DINH THI DINH, DANG VAN ĐONG - Effects of technical measures on propagation of Kieu tim (Dendrobium amabile Lour.) by separating branches in Gia Lam - Ha Noi



11. PHAM THI HONG HANH, DANG VAN DONG, CHU THI NGOC MY, DANG TIEN DUNG - Effect of technical measures on growth, development and quality of Hoang Vu orchid (Cymbidium sinense)



12. LE THI THUONG, NGUYEN THI BACH MAI, DO DUC HANH, NGUYEN CUONG QUYET, LE THI HIEN - Result of trial production of K88-92 sugarcane variety in Cuulong delta



13. PHAN THANH HAI, NGUYEN TAN HUNG, NGUYEN THI THANH THUY - Survey of cultivation status of coconuts in the Central Coastal Vietnam



14. LUONG THI HUYEN, NGUYEN THI BICH LAN, CAO VAN CHI, NGUYEN VAN DINH - Behavior and prey consumption rates of the predatory mite Neoseiulus longispinosus Evans (Acari: Phytoseiidae)




15. VU VIET HUNG, NGUYEN THI TUYET, DUONG XUÂN THUONG, NGUYEN NGOC HA - Identification of pesticide type and application time for controlling of black spot disease on Phuc Trach pummelo at Huong Khe, Ha Tinh



16. VO THANH THIN, DANG VAN TUAN, LE DINH HAI - Isolation and identification of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae from lung samples of pigs



17. NGUYEN DUC HANH, HOANG THI LE HANG, HOANG THI TUYET MAI, NGUYEN VAN LOI - Study on use of saccharomyces cerevisiae in cider making from Docynia indica fruit



18. DUONG HOA XO - Study on preparation of microbial product for decomposing cellulose of water hyacinth for organic fertilizer production




19. PHAN THANH HAI, NGUYEN TAN HUNG, TRAN ĐINH NAM, NGUYEN THI CHUC QUYNH - Application of bioproducts to control coconut beetle



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