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1. LAI DINH HOE, DINH VAN PHE, TRAN VAN TU, DAO VAN SO - Breeding and selection of drought tolerant rice varieties for the south central region and central highlands



2. LAI DINH HOE, TA THI PHU, HOANG THUY NGA - Purification of rice variety DV108 in Binh Dinh.



3. TRINH VAN MỴ, NGUYEN THIEU HUNG, TRAN THI THANH HUONG, NGUYEN MANH QUY, HOANG THI DUYEN, TA THI HANG - Selection of taro variety KS12-1 for Northern provinces.



4. NGO THI HANH, PHAM THI MINH HUE - Breeding of  hybrid bitter gourdvariety GL1-13.



5. TRAN TO TAM, TRAN THI MINH HANG, PHAM MY LINH - Evaluation of some potential hybrid combinations of cucumber for fresh use at Gialam district, Hanoi



6. CHU DUC HA, NGUYEN THI KIM LIEN, PHAM THI LY THU, LE TIEN DUNG - Identification of the members of the methionine-S-sulfoxide reductase family in soybean (Glycine max)



7. NGO XUAN NGHIEN, NGUYEN BICH THUY, TRAN THU HA, KHUAT HUU TRUNG, PHAM THU HUONG, TRINH TAM KIET - Morphological characterization and genetic relationship of  some new oyster mushroom strains (Pleurotus sp.)



8. TRAN THI BINH NGUYEN, NGUYEN HUU DUC, HOANG THI YEN, VU CONG QUY, NGUYEN HUNG CUONG AND NGUYEN THI DIEU THUY - Growth performance and genetic diversity analysis of Lien Minh chicken at molecular levels



9. PHAM THI KIM VANG, LUONG MINH CHAU, NGUYEN THI LANG - Evaluation of local rice varieties for brown plant hopper resistance in the Mekong River Delta



10. NGUYEN MINH DUC, NGUYEN THI NHUNG, LE VAN TRINH, NGUYEN THI HONG VAN, NGUYEN THI THANH HOAI, NGUYEN PHAM THU HUYEN, NGUYEN CONG THANH - Efficacy of some acaricides against red spider mite (Oligonychus coffeae Nietner) on tea plants in 2015



11. HO HUY CUONG, DOAN CONG NGHIEM, NGUYEN PHU DIEU - Effect of fertilizer on the yield and quality of Durian in Khanh Son district Khanh Hoa province



12. HO HUY CUONG, DOAN CONG NGHIEM, NGUYEN PHU DIEU - Study on integrated pest management in durian in Khanh Son district Khanh Hoa province



13. CHAU TAI TAO, TRAN NGOC HAI AND PHAM CHI NGUYEN - Effect of stocking densities on survival rate and growth performance of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) by biofloc technology



14. NGUYEN NGOC QUANG, TRAN CONG HANH - Efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer application for some hybrid maize varieties in Trieu Son district, Thanh Hoa province



15. NGUYEN THUY HANH - Study on factors effecting the multiplication of mistletoe on mulberry



16. HO HUY CUONG; DOAN CONG NGHIEM, LE THI HANG; NGUYEN THI DIEM THUY - Determination of appropriate crops for intercropping in jatropha garden at the immature stage in Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province



17. DANG THI PHUONG LAN, NGUYEN NHAN DUC, NGUYEN HUY MANH, LE THANH TUNG, DANG NGOC PHUC, NGO QUANG HUY, CU THANH PHUC, NGUYEN THI THAO, PHAM THI TAM - Reproductive characteristics and seed germination ability of Merremia boisiana and Merremia eberhardtii in Danang city



18. TRAN DINH PHA, DINH VIET HUNG, PHAM QUANG HA, DOAN THI HOA, NGUYEN DUC HIEU, DO THI HONG DUNG, TRAN VIET CUONG - Interpolating temperature data of Lao Cai province history based on physical and chemical characteristics in Fokienia tree ring



19. PHAM VU BAO, TRUONG THI THUAN, HO HUY CUONG, HOANG MINH TAM - Potentials and limitations in peanut production in saline soils of Central Coastal regions



20. NGUYEN THI SAU, NGUYEN THI TAN LOC, NGÔ THU HANG, LE NHU THINH, HOANG VIET ANH AND PAULE MOUSTIER - The market and consumers’ reaction for imported apples in Northern Vietnam



21. DOAN VAN CHUONG,TRAN NGOC TUAN AND PHAM MINH DUC - Isolation and identification of Achlya bisexuali and Achlya sp. from cultured snakehead fish (Channa striata)



22. HUYNH VAN HIEN, PHAM MINH DUC, LY VAN KHANH, TRAN DAC DINH - Analysis of technical and financial efficiency of Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) by marine cage culture in Kien Giang province.




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