Author(s) : Huang JieZhu DeFengChen HuiZheXiang JingZhang YiKaiWang YaLiangZhang YuPingKawano, M.Orihashi, K.

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.18-20 ref.9


Abstract : The relationship of rice leaf nitrogen content, SPAD value and CCN value were studied in the experiment, with rice leaf nitrogen rapid determination instrument of CCN6000, early season indica rice zhongzao 39 as material. The results showed that the value measuring by CCN6000 and chemical analysis was similar when the flag leaf was subjected to analyzing. The leaf nitrogen content of rice leaf at panicle initiation stage from high to low was 3rd, 2nd, 1st from the top, and the correlation of the value measured by CCN6000 and SPAD were significant. With the rising of leaf position, leaf nitrogen content decreased at booting stage of rice. CCN value can be used as a basis for nondestructive and rapid determination of nitrogen content in leaves clearly.





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