Author(s) : Yogeswari, P.Rani, C. S.Rao, G. R.

Journal article : Entomon 2019 Vol.44 No.1 pp.57-63 ref.17

Abstract : A field experiment was carried out to screen the sorghum genotypes against stem borer in rice fallow under zero tillage condition. Based on mean stem tunnel length the genotypes were categorized as least susceptible (0-5 cm), moderately susceptible (5-10 cm), highly susceptible (>10 cm). The resistant check CSH 16 (C) found as least susceptible with 4.65 cm, whereas, NTJ-2 (C), NLCW-6 and N-14 were found to be highly susceptible as they recorded 10.45, 10.46 and 11.44 cm mean stem tunnel length respectively. The remaining genotypes found as moderately susceptible with 6.60 to 9.84 cm mean stem tunnel length. There is non-significant positive correlation between numbers of larvae with leaf damage, dead hearts stem tunneling, white ears and per cent chaffy grains, but it was negative with tiller damage.





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