Author(s) : Teng ZhenNingZhang YuZhuFang BaoHuaLiu YangSun JiaoHuiYang JianHe Xiaoe

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.2 pp.21-26 ref.22


Abstract : In this research, the data of 31 early rice varieties which participated in low cadmium rice varieties screening trials in the 15 selected test environments in Hunan, using non-parametric statistical methods-rank analysis to analyze and evaluate the Cd content and stability of the tested varieties comprehensively. The results showed that Liangyouzao 17 and Zhuliangyou 706, which belong to low and stable Cd content rice varieties, could be widely planted in slight pollution soil. In screening low cadmium rice varieties test, the rank analysis method is a practical and forthright analysis method evaluating the Cd content and stability of the varieties.





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