Author(s) : Zheng HuaBinChen CanFu ZhiQiangHuang Huang

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.6-13 ref.24


Abstract : Based on different fertilization patterns, the canopy spectral reflectance, the first derivative spectra and normalized spectral characteristics of late rice, and a correlation among leaf nitrogen content, nitrogen accumulation, yield, leaf area index and leaf, dry matter accumulation were analyzed. Then the rice nitrogen nutrition diagnosis model, with high spectral characteristic parameters as independent variables was constructed. The results showed that: there has a great relevance between leaf nitrogen content with canopy spectral reflectance at 665 run (p<0.001), the same with the first derivative spectra at 554 nm and 672 mn (p<0.001); There has an exponential function by λr: y=684.91e0.028x, the coefficient of determination (R2) was 0.90, and an exponential function by (SDr-SDh)/(SDr+SDh): y=0.66e0.11x, the coefficient of determination (R2) was 0.88, these two model could diagnose the late rice nitrogen nutrition well under the conditions of organic manure and chemical fertilizers.





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