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Molecular characterization and functional analysis of the OsPsbR gene family in rice
Date Posted: 28/03/2017       Number of Views: 10

Low temperature may exert a negative impact on agronomical productivity. PsbR was known as the 10 kDa Photosystem II polypeptide. Although plant PsbR is thought to play important roles in photosynthesis, little is known about the contribution of plant PsbR to abiotic stress resistance.

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Transgenerational epimutations induced by multi-generation drought imposition mediate rice plant`s adaptation to drought condition.
Date Posted: 21/03/2017       Number of Views: 46

Epigenetic mechanisms are crucial mediators of appropriate plant reactions to adverse environments, but their involvement in long-term adaptation is less clear. Here, we established two rice epimutation accumulation lines by applying drought conditions to 11 successive generations of two rice varieties.

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Effects of genetically modified maize events expressing Cry34Ab1, Cry35Ab1, Cry1F, and CP4 EPSPS proteins on arthropod complex food webs
Date Posted: 21/03/2017       Number of Views: 13

Four genetically modified (GM) maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids (coleopteran resistant, coleopteran and lepidopteran resistant, lepidopteran resistant and herbicide tolerant, coleopteran and herbicide tolerant) and its non-GM control maize stands were tested to compare the functional diversity of arthropods and to determine whether genetic modifications alter the structure of arthropods food webs.

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Agrobacterium-delivered virulence protein VirE2 is trafficked inside host cells via a myosin XI-K–powered ER/actin network
Date Posted: 21/03/2017       Number of Views: 15

Agrobacterium causes diseases in a wide range of host plants. It has been developed as a genetic tool to transform a variety of plant species and nonplant organisms. It can achieve a transformation efficiency as high as 100%.

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Selective autophagy limits cauliflower mosaic virus infection by NBR1-mediated targeting of viral capsid protein and particles
Date Posted: 09/03/2017       Number of Views: 29

Autophagy contributes to innate immune responses in metazoans by targeted elimination of intracellular pathogens, including viruses, in a process termed “xenophagy.” Whether autophagy has a similar role in plant immunity is unknown.

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Marker-Combining Ability for 12 Yield-Related Traits in Oryza sativa L. subsp. Japonica.
Date Posted: 09/03/2017       Number of Views: 28

Heterosis or hybrid vigor is closely related with general combing ability (GCA) of parents and special combining ability (SCA) of combinations. The evaluation of GCA and SCA facilitate selection of parents and combinations in heterosis breeding. In order to improve combining ability (CA) by molecular marker assist selection, it is necessary to identify marker loci associated with the CA

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Graphical genotyping as a method to map Ny(o,n)sto and Gpa5 using a reference panel of tetraploid potato cultivars
Date Posted: 06/03/2017       Number of Views: 33

Graphical genotyping is a visually attractive and easily interpretable method to represent genetic marker data. In this paper, the method is extended from diploids to a panel of tetraploid potato cultivars. Application of filters to select a subset of SNPs allows one to visualize haplotype sharing between individuals that also share a specific locus.

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Researchers Review Targeted Genome Editing Techniques in Horticultural Crops
Date Posted: 23/02/2017       Number of Views: 41

Breeding technologies, whether conventional or modern, have been often used to enhance crop production. However, these breeding methods are sometimes laborious and complicated, especially when attempting to improve desired traits without inducing pleiotropic effects.

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Uncovering hidden variation in polyploid wheat
Date Posted: 13/02/2017       Number of Views: 62

Pasta and bread wheat are polyploid species that carry multiple copies of each gene. Therefore, loss-of-function mutations in one gene copy are frequently masked by functional copies on other genomes. We sequenced the protein coding regions of 2,735 mutant lines and developed a public database including more than 10 million mutations.

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Identification of a maize chlorotic dwarf virus silencing suppressor protein.
Date Posted: 13/02/2017       Number of Views: 56

Maize chlorotic dwarf virus (MCDV), a member of the genus Waikavirus, family Secoviridae, has a 11784 nt (+)ssRNA genome that encodes a 389kDa proteolytically processed polyprotein. We show that the N-terminal 78kDa polyprotein (R78) of MCDV acts as a suppressor of RNA silencing in a well-established assay system.

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