Author(s) : Mu GuiTingFeng YueHuaLi JieHuang YouGangXu GuiLingYe YongGuan ZhengCeZhang JiaFengTang Xin

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.4 pp.119-122 ref.26


Abstract : In order to explore rational fertilization of rice at village-region in mountainous area, the '3414' fertilizer experiment was carried out in Wuzhang Group, Wenxing Village, Jiuzhou Town, Xixiu District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province in 2014-2016. The fertilization model is set based on the experiment data from 11 different testing points in 2014-2016 by regression analysis. The distribution maps of each soil available nutrient content (SANC) were created respectively by spacial interpolation analysis, the data of SANC from 24 random sampling points at the testing field through ArcGIS software, and predicted the SANC of all Wuzhang Group's fields. So we could give suitable fertilization amounts for the fields according to the SANC calculated by the fertilization model based on the soil fertility.





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