Ty-6 is a major resistance gene on chromosome 10 of tomato that provides resistance against monopartite and bipartite begomoviruses and complements resistance conferred by the known Ty-3 and ty-5 genes.



Resistance to monopartite and bipartite begomoviruses is an important breeding objective for cultivated tomato. Several begomovirus resistance genes have been introgressed from related Solanum species and are available for breeding purposes. In the present study, we mapped an additional locus, Ty-6, to chromosome 10 of tomato. Ty-6 is effective against both monopartite Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) and bipartite Tomato mottle virus (ToMoV). Gene action is incomplete dominance, with an intermediate resistance response when Ty-6 is heterozygous. Analysis of populations segregating for Ty-6 along with Ty-3 or ty-5 indicates that the highest level of resistance against TYLCV is attained when Ty-6 is combined with an additional resistance allele. Our results also demonstrate that ty-5 is ineffective against ToMoV. Although multiple SNPs linked to Ty-6 were identified and can be used for breeding purposes, none of these were consistently polymorphic between Ty-6 and ty-6 breeding lines. Further research is underway to generate resequencing data for several Ty-6 inbred lines for the discovery of additional sequence polymorphisms that can be used for fine mapping and characterizing the Ty-6 locus.


See https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00122-019-03298-0



Figure 2: LOD plot from simple interval mapping analysis of TYLCV disease severity on F2population from the cross between Fla. 8383 and Fla. 7776 and genotyped with 158 polymorphic SolCAP SNP markers indicated the presence of a single QTL on chromosome 10 of tomato at LOD score of 41.1