Applications are invited from suitably qualified, experienced and interested individuals for the position of Knowledge Management Coordinator with APAARI.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified, experienced and interested individuals for the position of Knowledge Management Coordinator with APAARI.


APAARI is a Bangkok based association of agricultural research and development organizations (NARIs, NAROs, CG Centres, AIRCAs, and Ag. Universities), CSOs, the private sector of the Asia-Pacific region and other international and national stakeholders devoted to agri-food research and innovation systems in the Asia-Pacific region. For more information on APAARI, its vision and recent strategic plan, please visit


Level: Approximately between P2 to P3 in the international service based on experience and qualification

Location: APAARI Office, FAO Annex Building in Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: Initial Employment Contract for three years

Starting date: Effective from date of joining


The Roles and Responsibilities

The overall roles and responsibilities of KM Coordinator are to create, collect, collate, assimilate, process, disseminate and monitor and evaluate the knowledge, information and innovations systems - encompassing big picture of agriculture and agri-food systems for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Under the direct supervision of the Executive Secretary, APAARI, the Knowledge Management Coordinator (KMC) is required to undertake the following specific roles and responsibilities:


1) Coordinate the implementation of APAARI’s core Knowledge Management programme by developing a systematic and effective mechanism for knowledge management, geared towards enhanced regional learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration to speed up adoption of agricultural innovation for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific Region.


                        1.1 Research and review relevant information on the members’ and partners’ websites, based on which generate and disseminate information covering research findings and agricultural innovations. Facilitate sharing of agricultural technical information, knowledge and data (metadata) among APAARI stakeholders.


                        1.2 Manage the website of APAARI in terms of providing, improving and updating its content, ensure information organization and user-friendliness of the website features.


                        1.3 Manage APAARI’s Social Media tools and ensure regular information and knowledge sharing, promotion of information and knowledge shared by APAARI’s members and partners, and facilitation of expansion of users and followers.


                        1.4 Coordinate the Community of Practice (CoP) on Knowledge Management to discuss, collaborate and share ideas, information, skills and knowledge to enhance agricultural information, knowledge and communication systems.


                        1.5 Coordinate regional policy dialogue, expert consultations and capacity development activities.


                        1.6 Conduct training to improve the collection, processing and sharing of scientific/research data and information to enable participants to use this information to generate knowledge for practical replication of proven agricultural innovations and good practices.


                        1.7 Identify and address problems and issues in the knowledge management programme and take appropriate corrective actions.


2) Coordinate APAARI’s overall knowledge management activities to enhance inter-institutional, inter-regional and international partnerships and collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region.


2.1 Coordinate the implementation of APAARI’s Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy to guide regional collaboration on priority programmes, knowledge sharing and learning.


2.2 Initiate and facilitate knowledge partnerships and collaborative programmes in various knowledge management areas, such as e-agriculture, open data and capacity development.


2.3 Promote and integrate innovative concepts and frameworks in agricultural research and innovation into existing and new programmes, such as the Common Framework on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) for improved effectiveness and impacts.


2.4 Undertake advocacy activities for increased investment, development of appropriate capacities, integration and governance for sharing of data, information, knowledge, skills, technology and global initiatives, e.g. through the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) project, and Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), and facilitate high-level public and private institutional support for open and linked data in agriculture.


2.5 Facilitate links with members’ and partners’ knowledge resources, such as portals, databases and network, to provide improved access of APAARI stakeholders to these knowledge tools and sources.


2.6 Coordinate, manage and undertake communication and outreach activities of APAARI, by developing and disseminating APAARI’s publications e.g. newsletters, APAARI Network Highlights, success stories, fact sheets and policy briefs.


2.7 Improve the visibility of APAARI activities, experiences and lessons learned through participation in national, regional and global meetings related to agri-food research and innovation, and network to identify new partnership opportunities.


2.8 Research and assess current and new APAARI stakeholders whenever necessary, and update the existing Stakeholder Analysis, in order to continue the Stakeholder Mapping exercise to better identify appropriate engagement strategies.


3) Develop APAARI’s resource mobilization strategy, undertake horizon scanning for project calls, design funding proposals in collaboration with APAARI’s team members, and engage with donors.


4) Undertake any other roles and responsibilities consistent with the above and as discussed and decided by the Executive Secretary.


The applicants should have a minimum of Master’s degree/MBA from internationally recognized institution in the disciplines of information sciences (such as communications, information management and technologies, ICT, business and management studies, and related subjects). They should also have a minimum of 5 years work experience in information and knowledge management, communications, ICTs, journalism, agricultural extension, and related areas, particularly in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The candidates from Asia-Pacific region will be given preference.


The KM Coordinator, reporting to the Executive Secretary of APAARI, will be paid a gross salary (inclusive of base salary, provident fund, and other allowances),which is negotiable within the range equivalent to gross salary between P2 and P3 level under the international salary scales. Other benefits include medical insurance, annual paid leave of 20 days, and one return economy class air-fare to employee and spouse to visit his/her hometown.

Completed application with detailed CV and names and addresses (including emails) of three referees should be addressed to:


The Executive Secretary

Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI)

FAO Annex Building, 202/1

Larn Luang Road, Pomprab Sattrupai

Bangkok 10100. Thailand

Phone +66 (02) 282 2918

Fax +66 (02) 282 2919

Application should be sent by emails to Ms Celilu Bitong ( and copied to Mr Vishwanath K. Sah (email vk.sah@apaari,org).


Last date of receiving applications is 25 July 2017.