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Vietnam helps Laos develop agriculture
Date Posted: 23/02/2017       Number of Views: 47       Poster: admin

Construction on an agricultural service centre, the largest agricultural cooperation project between Vietnam and Laos, began in Laos’s northern Houaphan province on February 18.


The agreement on the project’s investment was reached between the two sides during the 36th meeting of the Laos-Vietnam Cooperation Sub-committee in Vientiane in 2013.

The project aims to enhance agricultural development and technical knowledge for farmers, towards improving living standards.

Covering an area of 12 ha in Ong village, Sam Nuea district, the centre has total investment of 43.6 billion VND (over 1.91 million USD), including 39.4 billion VND (over 1.73 million USD) funded by the Vietnamese Government.

As part of the project, Vietnam will help Laos to train agricultural staff and farmers.
Eight training courses are expected to be arranged for more than 200 agricultural staff and farmers of Houaphan province, and fruit tree cultivation and cow and chicken breeding models will also be built.

Lao staff will be sent to Vietnam to learn about agricultural development.

The centre is set to be completed and put into operation in 2018.


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