Author(s) : Marín-Muñiz, J. L.

Journal article : Agroproductividad 2017 Vol.10 No.5 pp.90-95 ref.22


Abstract : The treatment of residual waters is a global need, and to address this, artificial or built wetlands (BW) are an ecological and economically viable option. Currently, recent studies have focused on the use of wetlands not only as treatment systems, but also for the reuse of treated water and to solve other problems in mitigating water scarcity. Likewise, the production of ornamental plants in the wetlands, using uncommon vegetation in natural wetlands is another objective of the use of BW. Describing the BW, their main uses, and reviewing the study cases present in Mexico, is the main objective of this study. Although in the country there are BW that show efficiency in the removal of contaminants, and therefore the reuse of water, and where ornamental plants are produced, a higher use of eco-technology is required to solve the problems of water pollution; this, in addition to the design of manuals, workshops and training for the efficient construction and operation of BW systems.





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