The amount of food we waste around the world is certainly foolish given the millions of people who lack access to food, and it has another devastating effect. Food loss affects climate change, adding 4.4 gigatons of CO2 every year. Thus, halving food waste by 2030 has been listed as one of the United Nations’ top Sustainable Development Goals.


Among the different solutions to reduce food loss, improving perishable food preservation is essential. More than 50 percent of the wasted food can have its shelf life extended by the cold chain. However, only 10 percent of worldwide perishable foods are refrigerated today, so there is immense opportunity to cut food loss and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions by implementing or improving the cold chain.


In support of feeding more and wasting less through a strengthened cold chain, Carrier has annually convened some of the leading experts from around the world and across the supply chain to discuss solutions to reducing food waste and the resulting CO2 emissions, and to improve coordination and distribution to help feed more people.


Together, we’ve made incredible progress, promoting cold chain systems as a key success factor amongst the food loss reduction global effort.


Next March 7-8, this two-day conference in Ho Chi Minh City, will seek to:

• Measure food losses caused by an inefficient or absent cold chain

• Diagnose root causes of breaks in the cold chain

• Share cold chain development initiatives

• Propose reduction targets and implementation roadmap