Author(s) : Li XiaoYunMeng TianYaoDai QiGen

Journal article : China Rice 2017 Vol.23 No.1 pp.10-16 ref.36


Abstract : A field experiment was conducted to study the differences of dry matter accumulation, panicle traits, leaf morphology traits and culm traits in different types of rice varieties, using medium-maturity type of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice (Yongyou 2640, Yongyou 11640) as the material, conventional japonica rice (Zhengdao 11, Wuyungeng 30) and hybrid indica rice (Fengliangyouxiang 1, Xinliangyou 6380) as the control. The results were as follows: the grain yield of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice was 11.3 t/hm2, which was 6.6% and 13.0% higher than that of conventional japonica rice and hybrid indica rice, respectively. As for yield components, Yongyou japonica/indicahybrid rice had highest spikelets per panicle and total spikelets among the different type of rice varieties, but its 1 000-grain weight, seed setting rate and effective panicles were lower than CK. The dry matter of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice was 13.4 t/hm2 at heading stage and 21.6 t/hm2 at maturity stage (6.9 t/hm2 from heading to maturity), significantly higher than CK. In terms of panicle traits, Yongyou japonica/indica hybrids rice had the highest grain weight per panicle and grain density, but its panicle length was less than hybrid indica rice. The 80% grains of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice were concentrated on the middle and upper part of the panicle, while the 75% grains of conventional japonica rice were concentrated on the middle and lower part of the panicle, and the grains of hybrid indica rice distributed relatively uniform. The leaf width and rolling rate of the top-three leaves of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice were higher than CK. The top-three leaves of hybrid indica rice had medium leaf length and basic leaf angle. Drooping angle of the top-three leaves of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice were lower than CK, and the differences of the top 1 leaf and top 3 leaf were significant. The plant height, panicle height, stalk length and the proportion of neck internode to stalk length showed hybrid indica rice > Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice > conventional japonica rice. Among the different type of rice varieties, Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice had the highest dry weight of stem, sheath and per unit internode at maturity stage. The yield advantage of medium-maturity type of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice were characterized by enough spikes and large spike, higher seed setting rate and 1 000 grain weight. The morphological and physiological characteristic of medium-maturity type of Yongyou japonica/indica hybrid rice were showed that grains concentrated on middle and upper part of panicle, appropriate size of top-three leaves, curled and upright leaves, moderate plant height, suitable ratio of neck internode to stalk length, and good fullness degree of stem at maturity stage.





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